Monday, May 01, 2006

Ben Brown's Labyrinth

Ben Brown's Labyrinth ... West Belen Mesa, New Mexico
Ben came to town and some members and friends of the Harmonious Earth Community gathered at dusk to walk and honor Ben's beautiful marble labyrinth down Twining Lane to Socorro County towards the observatory and up on the eastern hill. What a sight to behold.
I first met Ben Brown in October of 1995 ...

... when we both arrived in Albuquerque at the same time to view the land we had bought in New Mexico while still in California, sight unseen! What an adventure. Ben had a friend with him and I had two. We 5 hung out together for 3 days then enjoying the sights, exploring our future homeland and hospitality of our host, Nathan. Even though we have emailed over the years, yesterday was our first on site contact since then. So it was a joyous reunion. Ben has been to New Mexico often, but since I travel a lot our twains have never met until now.

After introductions and get acquainted talk, the smudging began.

(Smudging picture with Betts here).

This is Steve Saunders traveling with Ben.

(More pictures here)

For those of you who are new to labyrinths (different from a maze) it can be described as a walking meditation, going to the center of the self and back out ... a path, one way in and the same way out. For more information, Google the word "labyrinth" and you will get more than you bargained for.

Ben's particular labyrinth is a Chartres Cathedral 11-circuit design, located near Paris, France.

It was rediscovered in the mid-1980s and since then there has been a huge resurgence of interest in labyrinths. I have been very fortunate to know and to be acquainted with the folks involved in this movement from the beginning. Names like Sig Lonergan now of England, Nicolas Finck, Richard "Feather" Anderson, Alex Champion, the Rev. Doctor Lauren Artress of Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, Taffy Lanser of Cave Creek, Marty Cain of the Northeast Kingdom, John Wayne Blassingame .... and so many others.

You can see more pictures of a labyrinth and story in my past blog of around March 12th, 2006, from Cave Creek, Arizona.

So until the blog site wants to cooperate with more pictures ... see ya later